Our Services

TaxiChai with its rich history in the industry has now amalgamated experience with innovation brining to life innovative customer service touch points where our customers can reach, connect and collaborate in a timely, convenient and seamless manner.
Fully Automated Ground Transport Management System

Our technology advanced transport management system easily enables to mobilize available vehicles, provide real time tracking, generate transparent financing and seamlessly connect drivers and passengers in order to drive superior service.

Ride Hailing Mobile Application

Our flagship product is the ride hailing mobile APP which connects riders with a vehicle in just a few moments. With the finest talent working around the clock to ensure system superiority, we have created a digital one stop shop for all your travel requirements to be fulfilled in just a few clicks.

Ride Booking Through Online Web site

Our presence online is further strengthened with our corporate web site and online booking engine, which further fuels customer travel requests, with a variety of services.

24x7x365 State Of The Art Call Center

Our call centers are proud to be bustling with calls on a daily basis, as we ensure each customer is serviced efficiently which is our primary focus in propelling customer satisfaction. Our agents are focused on resolving customer queries around the clock.